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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Employers will always lookout for these five traits when they search for freelancers to hire.
Let me start by quoting that success is never accidental. It is a direct result of preparing, planning and aligning time with the most important goal. Successful people experiment with different activities until the find that morning routine that fits their lifestyle and set them up for a successful day.

Here are five “TRAITs” of highly successful freelancers

1. Detailed strategic planning

One of the major differences between highly successful freelancers and average performer is detailed strategic planning. Successful freelancers spend more time thinking about the big picture goals and ideas. They spend time to create attractive banners and write irresistible headlines for their post.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”- Abraham Lincoln.

Their detailed planning provides clarity on what they what they should be working on at any given time. And this helps to produce at high level because they separate the planning and creation process. Highly successful freelancers regularly schedule time to review their priorities, goals and road map to achieve them. They schedule time to monitor their progress on key objectives and make plans based on results and lessons learned. They schedule their project on a daily and weekly basis. They set aside time to plan and strategize as well as time to execute those plans.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


What I’m about to share with you are five tips and tricks for successful blogging. You need these  five virtues to be able to relate with your visitors as well as any internet business successfully. The reasons why most bloggers, internet marketers easily fall out of business is because of these five virtues are lacking. You may have seen or known a website five years ago, but along the line such site is no longer available or the person quits blogging. It is not because the domain name expired; it is because business is no longer moving as was supposed to be. It is because the site/person has suddenly lost it online presence which actually means that such site is no longer profiting from the business.
Let’s talk these five virtues every online business must incorporate in order to be successful and stay in business.


The first question to ask yourself when creating a website is, why this website? What do you want this website to do? Asking all this questions about why you want to build a website helps you understand your brand and your company. This is what differentiates your website from others. Successful companies define the core elements of their brand, and convey those elements at every opportunity. From the time of their facebook post, to the way the interact with their customers

Your brand should carry through to every single reader, touch point, giving them the same experience every time. From the moment a reader hits your website homepage to the call center or at every scroll and click, you should determine what the visitor sees.

Trust/Build Trust

To be successful in your blogging career, it's most advisable to build a lasting trust with your readers, users, or customers you are sharing information with.
Lack of trust for your product or any information you may be sharing could sooner or later throw you out of business.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Payoneer is an international base US account that allows one to receive and withdraw funds from any part of the country using the payoneer master card. With the payoneer MasterCard, you can receive and withdraw fund from anywhere quickly, at low cost, in your own currency and using the method that best suits your need.

Are you an online Affiliate, internet marketer, freelancer, web developer, web designer, or seller? You can join millions of small and medium businesses that use payoneer to receive international payments when you sign up here. It is a sure way to receive global payments and start saving money.

How does it work?

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Money remains an essential factor to man’s existence and without it destiny remains unfulfilled. Everyone needs money to be relevant and make meaningful impact in life. We need money to get our needs met but so many people have different perspective about the source of getting money and how to attract wealth. The problem with most people is lack of money mostly occasioned by lack of the knowledge of how to get it. This unique piece is aimed at directing and informing you where and how to travel stress-free to where money lives.

Money Lives in Ideas
If you can make something that makes people’s life better, then that’s something that really good. Ideas turn human needs and desires into money making opportunities. A seed of ideas in the mind can make a forest of wealth.

Money lives in people
To make more money, all you need is to identity people’s problems around you, find solutions to them and let people know you have answers to their problem.

Sunday, 27 December 2015


Here is a sure way to create a business email with your domain name for free. For those who are looking for a way to create a free business domain specific email, zoho mail allows you to create a free business email using your domain name. They also have a premium option that is if your requirement is up to 10 users with additional features attached.
Follow this steps to create your free business email (like "yourname@yourblogspostname.com") with your domain name. I will show you the step by step guide to create your business email using zoho with just 5-10 minutes.


Here, I am going to show you how you can apply to any CPA network and get approved to start promoting offers and in turn accumulate profit for yourself.
Many Internet newbie’s have interest in going into CPA marketing but do not know what method to use to apply to this CPA network and get approved. Some are being fed up with regret mails or response they get from this CPA networks, as most of the CPA network keep turning down hundreds to thousands of application each day.

What is CPA?

For newbie’s these could help a lot. CPA stands for Cost per Action. They are companies or business owners also known as Advertisers who are willing to pay for information, or action they get as a way of marketing their products or services. The action could be email submission, name submission, downloads surveys, etc. Each time a visitor on your website completes any of these action, you earn a commission. These companies can pay you as high as 10-100 Dollars to provide these details for them.

Friday, 18 December 2015


Online business remains the best place to go into if you are thinking of changing your financial status and generate full time income. The internet provides a wide opportunity to earn money genuinely due to the massive activity of people using the net on daily basis. Also, the fact that most companies now take their advertising budget online, just as millions of people across the world use the internet daily with most of them now comfortable buying and making payment online have created a huge opportunity for others to make a full time income.

Here are five online businesses you wouldn’t want to miss which actually would result to success at the end of the day.


Do you have informative post to offer? Freelancing offers you the opportunity to earn income from selling your article online. Good, inspiring, educative and informative article would usually make you a huge amount of money. They are sites that pay between 50 to 350 Dollars for every article they accept. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015


It is not just enough to go into online/offline business, there are several ways that you can enhance your business and make you enjoy speedy progress in life. The reason some people business are still stagnated is because of their attitude. It is very important to cultivate the right attitude, because it matters and makes all the difference in your business.


Get excited at your business. To push aside your business for a discussion is anti-covenant. The output of your hand is determined but the strength of your mind. When you have a mind to go into business, strength naturally comes to you. The reason many are not successful in business is because they have sluggish minds. The excited will naturally be diligent and it is the hand of the diligent that bears rule. So get excited daily. Excitement is the tonic of the mind.


The reason many people never progress in life is because they have never been serious about their business. They either have to be pushed to do anything or they have to be closely supervised to do any job well. Until you take your business seriously and do it diligently, it will not yield anything for you. No one can be slothful and expect to be promoted. To be slothful means to procrastinate, to relax and take your work with levity. They are people who take the fact that they are the managers of their own business as an excuse to be slothful. So you find the man still sleeping in his house at 11:00am that is not how to be serious. Someone said those who work for 8 hours a day are working for what to eat and drink; that means they are working for a living.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


In the bid to make progress in life, many people are deceived into thinking that they must start big to make it big. So many have stagnated their destinies through this idea; refusing to take a step because they consider what they have, where they are or what they are as too small to achieve what they want.

The process of Growth
Great things often start small. It does not take a long time for change to occur, it only takes understanding the strategies and working them. Whether it is one thousand or one million you are looking for, it will start with one plus one till it is completed. Addition is what leads to completion. Nothing completes itself without being added to. Therefore, Growth is a process not an accidental occurrence. Those that want to escape the process of growth remain as dwarfs. So while you are waiting for the fulfillment of the big things, you must exercise yourself in small things.
Absolutely, they is nothing wrong in thinking  great, talking great, but your hands must begin small, because as you see it with the eye of your mind, you walk toward it patiently with your feet and keep your eye fixed on the vision.