Monday, 27 February 2017


When talking about PPV traffic, we are talking about traffic coming from adware that users have downloaded and installed on their computer to gain access to free content or games. So, these people download this e.g Hotbar or Clickpotato software to gain free, ad-supported access to a huge library of premium Web content. These visitors will see your ad in the form of a pop up banners before viewing on the main content of the page.

The most important benefit of PPV over other marketing methods is the initial low deposit cost and the lots of traffic you will get at very low bid, say as low as $0.01 USD per view/ad impression, no quality score issues to deal with, and also direct linking is allowed and huge ROI potential.

1.     TrafficVance
2.     DirectCPV
3.     Media Traffic
3.    LeadImpact
5.     AdOn Network

TrafficVance: (FutureAds) is ONE of the leading Contextual Textlink and Display Advertising Platform that delivers high quality traffic to advertisers through a winning combination of high performing ad units, granular targeting, competitive pricing, and multiple optimization capabilities. The traffic quality is okay and they have quite a bit of it. They now demand a $1,000 USD deposit to get an account with them. However, once you’re approved you’ll find that the interface at TrafficVance is pretty good and easy to use.

DirectCPV: is a good place to start your PPV campaigns. They begin Bids at an extremely affordable rate as $0.004 USD and the minimum initial deposit is $100 USD, Traffic quality is good. They use interstitial ads that display when the user goes to a page in their browser instead of pop ups like every other PPV network. The ads are full screen, which means you may not need to create your own landing page to optimize for the size of the window. Moreover, they love affiliates and their interface is user-friendly, no account ban unless you do something really, really bad.

Media Traffic: Media Traffic offers various ways to buy targeted traffic and drive quality visitors to your website or offer page. Their approvals process is a little bit difficult as you need to print out, complete, sign, and send back your application. You also have to scan a copy of your ID credit card.
The advantages advertising with Media Traffic is that You reach an audience of 15 million opt-in users and growing, Ads are shown in a large browser window for greater visibility, Superior ROI compared to SEM and banner ads and Cost effective bidding platform.

LeadImpact: LeadImpact is one of the most leading PPV advertising platform. LeadImpact is known for its best quality traffic, support and conversion. They provide you with a powerhouse of online tools and direct account team expertise to ensure your cost-effective programs meet and exceed your conversion and monetization expectations. Their initial minimum deposit is $1000, afterwards you can refill your account with a minimum deposit of $20. Bidding start as low as $0.015-$0.035 per view depending on the category your promotion falls under. With LeadImpact, the view-able space in the pop up window is 775×400 this should be the ad size you have to work with.

Adonnetwork: They have a decent amount of traffic similar to LeadImpact and Media Traffic. Their initial minimum deposit is $200 and the window size to work with is 775×400. I like to use Adon Network as a starting place for testing campaigns and depending on the results, may transfer the campaign to another network as well.

So, I highly suggest you give any of the above five a try. PPV traffic has proven to perform really well on offers.

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