Monday, 27 February 2017


When talking about PPV traffic, we are talking about traffic coming from adware that users have downloaded and installed on their computer to gain access to free content or games. So, these people download this e.g Hotbar or Clickpotato software to gain free, ad-supported access to a huge library of premium Web content. These visitors will see your ad in the form of a pop up banners before viewing on the main content of the page.

The most important benefit of PPV over other marketing methods is the initial low deposit cost and the lots of traffic you will get at very low bid, say as low as $0.01 USD per view/ad impression, no quality score issues to deal with, and also direct linking is allowed and huge ROI potential.

1.     TrafficVance
2.     DirectCPV
3.     Media Traffic
3.    LeadImpact
5.     AdOn Network

TrafficVance: (FutureAds) is ONE of the leading Contextual Textlink and Display Advertising Platform that delivers high quality traffic to advertisers through a winning combination of high performing ad units, granular targeting, competitive pricing, and multiple optimization capabilities. The traffic quality is okay and they have quite a bit of it. They now demand a $1,000 USD deposit to get an account with them. However, once you’re approved you’ll find that the interface at TrafficVance is pretty good and easy to use.

Monday, 13 February 2017


So many people are looking for loan solutions which makes it an opportunity for affiliates to leverage and generate more income by signing up with company that offer these services and putting the offer before them.

Here are some of the Networks with best loan affiliate programs in 2017

Payday Mansion: PaydayMansion also offers a unique payday loan affiliate program intended for experienced webmasters who are provided with a range of innovative tools and solutions to help make their websites more effective and increase their profits. The earning per lead is not fixed and depends on certain factors such as the quality of the lead, the accuracy of customer applications, etc. Of course, the higher the lead quality, the higher your earnings. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the best possible quality of your traffic.

Ondeck: Ondeck deliver incredible financial experiences for its customers. It provides capital to small businesses. Ondeck evaluates business’ actual performance, provides groundbreaking short term loan that combines best-in-class technology and service.

BifiAfiliate programs: Bizfi’s funding platform allows you to get more of your customers the financing they need in the most efficient manner possible. Bizfi accesses a multitude of funding partners with the most highly trained and experienced staff in their industry.