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I’m not going to go into a long story or try to tell you how awesome I am; I’ll make it short. I’ve been trying for years to make a second income with online marketing. I’ve always been interested in Cost-Per-Action (CPA) and social media. The reason is simple. If you find the right balance between social media (free traffic) and CPA (free offers), it’s like making money out of thin air! When I first saw Instagram I knew it had potential to be a traffic firestorm. And once I learned how to earn $20 every day with Instagram and CPA (plus some secrets), I knew it would be a perfect method for ‘newbie’ marketers who needed that first taste of success. So here it is!
This is a very simple method that can be used to make $10-$20 or more a day with CPA offers, using Instagram as a traffic source. This guide goes into great detail describing how to put the method together. The method should be followed, as it is proven to work. The method involves 4 steps:

1. Choose a CPA Offer

2. Sign up for Instagram

3. Get Traffic 

4. Rinse & Repeat

This is also an easy method to scale up once you get it operating well.

1) Choose a CPA Offer

In order to choose an offer to promote, you will need to sign up with any CPA networks. If you don’t have an account with a CPA network you’re going to have to get one. Here, you will find list of currently available CPA networks to sign up with. When applying, the CPA company will ask about your planned advertising methods, and if you’ve had any experience. This is no big deal. Basically, you want to say this: “I’m planning to advertise email submits with social media, maybe some PPC or PPV if the offers convert well.” Tell them that you’re planning to focus on mobile offers which are why you applied to them. If they ask about experience, tell them you’re new but you have an advertising budget and a CPA coach. It also helps to have a marketing related website to boost credibility.

Click here to see "how to apply and get accepted by any CPA network". Once you’re approved, we need to find the right offers for this method.

What offers to choose For Instagram? 

The offers we’re looking for are one field email submit offers. The offer can be for anything from a gift card to electronics to a coupon. These offers are the best for Instagram because they convert when someone enters their email in a form, that’s all! It’s a pretty low barrier for you to get paid! Now, the email submits offers that convert best on Instagram are for electronics, especially Apple products and gaming products. So look for iPhone giveaways, iPad giveaways, PS4, XBOX, those sorts of things. These offers usually pay $1.00 and above per submit. So if you do some calculations you can see that it won’t take long to reach our daily goal, especially with the automation and scaling methods I’ll be sharing later.

2) Sign up for Instagram

Get a new email address for every new Instagram account that you create, you’re going to need a new email address. I recommend gmx.com or gmail.com for your email addresses. Instagram Username Your Instagram account username should reflect your CPA offer. This is why we chose the offer before setting up the account. So if your offer is for an iPhone 6, then your account name could be “iPhone6Giveaway” or “iPhone4You”. Make the name in such a way if someone sees only the name, they’d be curious and want to visit your profile. Profile Picture Instead of putting a picture of you here; put a picture of the offer. Go to pixabay.com and grab a picture of an iPhone 6 or whatever product the offer is about and use that as your account profile picture. Again, it’s about getting people to come to your account page.


Make your bio as attractive as possible. Don’t clutter it with too many words, just focus on a call to action like “Click here to enter for our iPhone 6 giveaway!” or something similar.

Upload First Photos

Make sure that you upload at least 6-10 photos to your account. This will give some more credibility to your profile. You’re going to want to tag these photos before you complete your upload of them. For this we’re going to use an app called ‘Tags for Likes’ available for free in the App Store and Google Play store. The ‘Tags for Likes’ app shows the most popular and searched hashtags (#) for a number of different
categories. When you have this app you can simply copy a section of tags and paste them into your photo’s description or comments. Using popular tags makes your photos easy to find and will lead people to your profile. It will also make people like your photos more, which will boost your credibility. In order to keep your profile active and noticed by people, I’d recommend posting 1-2 photos a day. Again, these photos should be related to your offer and have tags found in the “Tags for Likes” app.

Domain Name

The last step of your profile setup is to include a link to your CPA offer. But there’s a twist here: Instagram doesn’t like links to CPA offers. So what we’re going to do is redirect the offer from a domain name. You can either buy one through your registrar of choice or choose the free option below. Just choose one that reflects your offer and account profile, but more general. Something like “TopGiveaways.xxx” or “Phones4You.xxx” would work. You may have to get a little creative here as more obvious domain names will usually be taken.

If you want to avoid a fast account shutdown, use a domain. Shortened links do not work!!

Redirecting a domain name is pretty simple. All you’re doing is telling the domain to go to your CPA affiliate link.

Now that we’ve got our account set up right, let’s go get ourselves some traffic!

3) Getting Traffic

Here we’re going to discuss 2 traffic methods in this section. The manual method is free and the automatic method. Click here to See full post

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