Tuesday, 3 January 2017


We’re going to discuss 2 traffic methods via Instagram. Bear in mind that, Instagram has become the home for visual story-telling for everyone from celebrities, newsrooms and brands, to teens, musicians and anyone with a creative passion.

Your Instagram bio is prime real estate to promote your brand, and it’s the only place your community can click through to learn more, shop, or read a blog post. Crafting a good Instagram Bio that is relevant, engaging, and specific to your brand is key to capturing your audience and getting your community to engage with your website and business. If you miss the post on Instagram method of promoting CPA offers, first I recommend you read the full article here in order to set up your account properly.

Here are the two methods that you can use to get safe traffic to your CPA offers:

1) Manual method and,

2) Automated method.

The manual method is really quite simple. Just find accounts related to your offer and interact with them. A percentage of them will find your account profile, click your link and fill out the email submit. Bam! You get paid! :) How do you find these accounts? Use Instagram’s search function to look for accounts related to your CPA offer. Instagram’s search button is the 2nd button along the bottom and looks like a spyglass. You can also ‘like’ and leave comments on recent popular photos related to your offer. It’s best to focus on following other accounts first, but if there’s a popular photo featuring related offers you are promoting (or whatever your offer is) it’ll help to like or leave a short comment too. The more accounts you follow the more of them will see your link, so you should try to follow as many accounts as possible every day.

Finding Your Hashtags

In order to find unlimited accounts to follow you’ll want to use hashtags (that’s the # symbol you see everywhere). You’ll be able to find some hashtags related to your offer on the “TagsForLikes” app, but you can also search within Instagram for new hashtags. Another great resource for new hashtags is tophashtags.com. You can search for hashtags related to almost anything on this site. Then pop one into Instagram search and check out what you get.

Automatic Traffic Method

The automatic method performs the same functions as the manual method, and drives traffic to your profile the same way. It’s just MUCH faster and more convenient.

To accomplish this, we’re going to be using an application called Instagress. Instagress is a paid application ($10 for 30 days), but they have a 3-day free trial.

When you log into Instagress with your new Instagram account, you’ll see a dashboard with a lot of different options. First, check out these toggle buttons:

These 4 buttons are all you really need to worry about to automate your traffic. Here’s what you do:

ALWAYS have ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ on. That means the toggle is to the right and is the colour red. It’s just like you see in the picture.

TURN ON ‘Follows’ (third toggle down) only when you don’t want to follow people manually. NOTE: I prefer to do my following manually because I can find people interested in my offer better than the app can. OK, sometimes I use it if I’m feeling lazy. :)

Only turn on ‘Unfollows’ if you have reached your follow limit and Instagram won’t let you follow anyone AT ALL for 2 days in a row.

There’s a big section under the toggles called “Main Settings”. Below the Main Settings is a place for you to load tags for Instagress to find and comment/like/follow upon. The ‘Tags’ section already comes loaded with basic like/comment/follow tags. You’ll want to add some more, based on your offer and profile. I also added some tags related to money and workfrom-home, because I’m sure that people interested in making money.

If you’re unsure which tags to use, go to TopHashtags.com and do a search on your offer. Try a few different ideas, and keep what’s working for your offer. And that’s it! There’s really nothing more you need to do with Instagress other than hit the big red ‘START’ button!

Make sure you’re checking your Instagress account daily, noticing what photos it’s liking and commenting on and adjusting the tags if you need to.

By now you should start getting some activity in the dashboard of your CPA account. You should start getting clicks/impressions from the other Instagram users who are clicking on the link in your profile. You may even be earning some money from them completing the email submit. If so, congratulations!

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