Wednesday, 21 September 2016


The aim of this post is to drop serious knowledge about how you can transform your conversion rate by using this super steps to set up high converting Facebook ads which will not allow a single customer leave your Facebook page without clicking on your ads.

Facebook social network is one most used social networking site and it attract visitors from all over the world. It affords the opportunity to target users based on their interest and location. If properly explored one is sure of getting maximum result when promoting any product on it.

Here are 4 serious steps to consider when running Ads campaign on Facebook Social.

1. Target Users Strictly based on Their Interest

It doesn't matter how amazing your Facebook Ads are, If it doesn't reach the right people, it purpose may be defeated. If I were launch an Ads campaign on health or probably weight-loss product, they are specific categories of interest I would look to target and possibly the age bracket (people who can afford to buy your product). I wouldn't target Facebook fans of make money online, movie fans, games. You need to target users strictly base on their interest if you must get result. Find users who have similar interest to the product which you are promoting.

2. Be Interesting

Instead of focusing on data and logistics, focus on emotion. Tell people about the benefits they would get when they visit. Find the "pain-point" they are struggling with and press it on. People really wouldn't want to buy products but it's your duty to convince them. Use high promising words and command signs. Use captivating images with an attractive color representation, images that relates the interest of your targeted audience. This work well when combined.

3. Have a Neatly Designed landing Page

It has to be there!
Creating a landing page that convert is very essential to Facebook Ad mastery. 

On your landing page, it need to spark interest, explaining the benefits of your product to potential users. This be done within a few line of words.

4. Keep Track of Your Ads Campaign

Remember, the aim is to get Ads that converts. So you need to know exactly what's working and what's not.

You need to know exactly Ads that are generating clicks and which landing page are resulting in conversions. You need to track everything you can. Try out Ads with different copy, different colors, targeted demographics.

Once you have discovered which element results in the highest performance, you can further pimp it up for optimum performance. Remember, it may take some time, little bit work and lot of testing to hit your target. But success is very near.

You would like to leave your comment and experience you've had running Facebook campaign, let see what worked for you.  

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