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MGID is one advertising network that gets millions of clicks daily, but this is not your old ordinary traffic, this is quality traffic from massive traffic websites to drive to our CPA/affiliate offers. Just like any suitable paid traffic sources our CPA offers.

MGID display ads on websites that gets thousands to millions of visitors daily and monthly. Majority of their ads are from affiliate marketers like you and me, it is a perfect network to get our offers in front of their publisher’s massive audience.

MGID’s main ads are in thumbnails/grid-like ads, there are ads that are in effect.

They have thousands of websites and the majority of these websites are top premium websites such as planetf1.com. Because, these premium websites are from premium publishers, the traffic is high quality; free search engine result is very high quality. More than 99% of these publishers and the majority of their traffic are coming from search engine. For us, this means higher quality traffic to drive to our offers, opt-in or landing page etc.

Step-by-step to set up a perfectly optimized campaign on MGID

Step 1. Create an Account

To create an account at MGID, you need to sign up. Once you click sign up, you will be taken to the login page.
Click on the registration button and then fill in your email and capture code and you will be sent a password to re-login.

Step2. Pick an Offer

This is the most important stage where you need to know your niche before you start any kind of advertising online.
Don’t just go and choose any random offer in your CPA network. You want to think of a niche that you may have tested in the past or better still contact your affiliate manager and ask them what their top converting offers are for the current week.

Some niche to promote on MGID could be:
  • Weight loss
  • Dating
  • Insurance
  • Business opportunity/make money online

When you choose a Niche, stick with that niche until you have success with it before testing multiple niches.

Step 3. Set up your Campaign

Now, to kick start your campaign set up, you need to be logged in to your MGID account. So login and make sure you’re on the Advertisers Tab.
Once you’re on the Advertiser Tab, click the green “Add campaign” button and you should be taken to a screen to set up your campaign like below.


This is only for your records to remember what campaign is it. So, name it something you can remember for the niche you are doing.


For your limit, you can choose from: by clicks, by budget or unlimited. It’s better to choose by budget. And put your daily budget on the minimum say $5.
Note that, you will need to add fund to your campaign to go live. So you can either add your fund before you create your campaign or add it later. To add fund all you need to do is click “Add funds” button. The minimum to get a campaign going is $20.

Tracking Tag

This can be left on or turned off, it doesn’t matter really.

Scheduling and Geo

For scheduling, this is if you want to run your campaign on a specific time and day or just let the campaign spread throughout the entire 24 hours. So, you can just leave it to run for 24 hours.


You need to go to your offer you want to promote and look at the countries it accepts. Then, you select the specific country it accepts. Once you have finished, click “SAVE” button and it will take you back to the Advertiser dashboard to set up your Ads.

Step 4. Your Ads set up

This is also a very important part because this is what is going to get the visitors to click on your Ads and your offer or opt-in page.


Your URL would be your Affiliate link or any Affiliate offer link you want to promote.


Your image is the first and most important thing as this is the first thing the visitor is going to see, so, this is why you need a good image to grab their attention and click.

How to find images!

An easy way to find image if you do not know how to create images yourself in a program like Photoshop is to go to Google images. This will be a good place to find high converting images for your campaign. To do this, just go over to Google images and type in a keyword related to that niche and you will see a whole lot of images for your niche.


Your title needs to be something that catches the interest of your viewers. Your image is going to be the first thing the visitor sees to grab their attention, so once you have achieved that, you need to get them to click through. So, it needs to be something eye catching that pops out at them.

For instance, if you have a weight loss offer you want to promote, your title could be thus; looking for weight loss supplement in USA? Or, want to trim down your size? Click Here!


For your description, you need a call to action to be there. It is your last chance to get them to click. You could say something like; learn how I earn over $400.59 per day! Click ere to see more…


You will need to choose a category here that matches up your campaign depending on what niche you’re aiming to go after. You could choose in the category of: weight loss or health, make money online, dating, etc.

CPC rate

You can put 3 as the CPC Rate.
Remember, this is not 3 Dollars this is 3 Cent. $0.03 is the minimum CPC rate you can go with on MGID. That is a mega cheap traffic for high quality targeted traffic. So, put in the minimum bid of 3 Cent. Once you start running your ad, this can go up and down depending on your Ads CTR.

Apply CPC for all Geo

Here you just leave it at the same CPC for all Geo(s). if you un-tick it, you will see your country you choose.
After you set up your campaign, you need to wait for some hours for it to be approved before it can go live.

Check your Stats

Few tips you need to keep your eyes on once your ads are running.
If your CTR (click through rate) is lower than 0.05-0.1%, you need to change your image to get your CTR up and over the 0.2-1% plus. It could be two things why you’re getting low CTR. Your image is not grabbing the visitor’s attention enough or it will be your text. You need to also have a strong call to action in your description. Your headline also should stand out too.

Please, feel free to drop your comment let's know how this works for you.

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