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Here is a comprehensive list of suitable paid traffic sources that can be used to direct traffic to CPA offers.  I will be keeping this list as up-to-date as possible to make it all inclusive especially for those seeking for new traffic sources to test their offer.

The list is being split into categories from PPC traffic sources to mobile traffic sources to help you know exactly which one will be more favorable for your product/business.

Pay per click traffic sources

Pay per click also known as cost per click is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to website/landing pages, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ads is clicked. Pay per click is commonly associated with search engine where advertiser typically bid on keywords phrases relevant to their target. 
Under PPC, we have;
  1. GoogleAdwords
  2. MSN Adcenter 
  3. Looksmart 
  4. 7Search 
  5. Facebook Ads 
  6. MyAds 
  7. Clicksor 
  8. Marchex 
  9. AdSide 
  10. Adblade 
  11. Adbrite 
  12. AdSonar 
  13. POF Ads 
  14. Advertise.com 
  15. Pulse360 
  16. AdClickMedia 
  17. Bidvertiser
  18. Adknowledge 
  19. Findit-quick 
  20. AdManage 
  21. Findology 
  22. AdMarketplace 
  23. Ezanga
Pay per view traffic sources

Pay per view is a type of internet advertising that is similar to television advertising, which allows viewers to see your ads at any time. The following below are great places to get pay per view services;
  1. Trafficvance
  2. DirectCPV 
  3. AdOnNetwork 
  4. Lead Impact
Pay per text or In-Text Advertising

In-text advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific keywords within the text of a webpage are matched with advertising and related information units. In-text advertising places hyperlinks directly into the text of webpage. It is commonly available from in-text AD Networks like;
  1. Infolinks 
  2. Kontera 
  3. 50onRed
  4. Vibrant Media 
  5. Linkworth 
  6. Inlinks
Contextual pop ups

Under contextual pop ups, we have the following Ad Networks that provide these services. They are;
  1. Adoori
  2. Infinity Ads
  3. Zeropark
Re-targeting traffic sources

Re-targeting is a form of online targeted advertising by which advertising is targeted to customers based on their previous internet actions. Re-targeting Ad campaign usually run on lower cost media, such as display ads, which not only increase effectiveness by specifically targeting an interested audience, but also improves the overall ROI (return on investment) of the advertiser. Below is the list of best Re-targeting Ad Network.
  1. AdRoll 
  2. AdRetargeting 
  3. Fetchback
  4. Recrue Media
Mobile traffic sources

Why mobile traffic sources? The use of mobile and other portable devices is at it increasing number which makes it profitable for online mobile advertising to receive positive results from it users. Paid mobile traffic sources or free mobile traffic sources will both serve you very well in this situation. Here is some of the best Ad Network to get mobile traffic services;
  1. Admob
  2. Jumptap 
  3. inMobi 
  4. Adfonic 
  5. Mojiva 
  6. Mobclix
  7. BuzzCity
  8. Admoba
  9. Mobixell
  10. GreyStripes
  11. Millenial Media
Media Buy traffic sources

Media buy is the process by which a company connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements. The key function of these ad networks is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand. Here is a list of Best Media buys;
  1. Casale Media 
  2. Valueclick
  3. Tribal Fusion 
  4. Traffiq
  5. Yahoo AdReady 
  6. Ask
  7. Illyx 
  8. MegaClick 
  9. GoTraffic.com
  10. Advertising.com
  11. BuySellAds 
  12. DoubleClick 
  13. Burst Media 
  14. Dashboard Ad 
  15. Adengage
  16. CPX Interactive 
  17. Undertone
  18. Ad Pepper
You can also drop suggestions of other traffic Ad Network that could be of immense benefit to others. Meanwhile, click here to see “Suitable paid traffic sources for CPA offers”

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