Tuesday, 1 March 2016


These free methods of promoting CPA offers have yielded great result to so many affiliate marketers. They could be use to drive high targeted traffic to CPA offers without having to spend a penny, but only requires one’s effort. Getting into CPA network is easy, finding good offers is also easy… but getting traffic that converts your offers is damn tough. No matter how good is your product, if traffic is not coming, you cannot make money.
I’m going to share a few of the most popular method which are going to help you drive more targeted traffic to your CPA offers.

1. SEO method
2. Forum marketing
3. Blogging
4. PPC traffic to your offers
5. Using Banner
6. Email marketing
7. Content Locking
8. Social media traffic to your CPA offers
9. video traffic
10. Yahoo Answers

SEO Method

SEO (search engine optimization) involve getting traffic to your CPA offers using natural search engine. This means you have to rank your website with the search engines like yahoo, MSN, and even Google. In order to rank the highest in the search engines and direct the largest bulk of the traffic to your site or landing page, you will need to employ certain strategies like keyword research that are directly associated to the product you are promoting. Search engines lists and index websites based on their keyword density, therefore you must research keywords that are most searched for by users. Another thing to note would be misspelled keywords. When people type in the search engine the name of the product they are looking for, some of the time, if your keyword was misspell, it is unlikely that your offer would show up in the search engine.

Video Traffic

You can create interesting videos that are related to your products, services or CPA offers and upload them in popular video sites like youtube.com and link it to your offers. The video could be a brief explanation of your product or the CPA offer in which you are promoting telling people why the need to get your product or subscribe to your offer. This way, people will learn more about your offers and be interested to check out what you have to offer them. This can generate a lot of traffic and eventually will earn you much money.

Drive traffic to CPA offer through forum marketing

In order to advertise and promote your CPA offers, you can also join forums. The forum are gaining a high amount of popularity and are being visited by thousands of potential customers everyday who wants to share their thought and learn what is new. You can post your CPA offers in the section of forum related to your offer, and even add the link to your site so that you can start to promote from right there. Endeavor to make sure that the CPA offers you are promoting in this manner have something relevant to the topic of the forum. Of course you shouldn’t be posting CPA about “insurance” in a forum that talk about “dating”. Always remember to find out more about the laws and regulation that are followed by the web forums so that you do not unknowingly end up violating any of them. When using forums to promote CPA offers, don’t spam, start up a couple of conversation first before you can proceed to posting your link, making it sound good and enticing.


Blogging is another method that websites use in order to increase the popularity of their money site and promote CPA offers. If you can provide very good articles and make an interesting presentation about your CPA offers and the subject related to it, you will be able to drive unlimited traffic conversions. You can get real organic traffic through blogging from different sources to build your site and also promote your offers. This method can be very profitable, but it’s also time consuming. If it’s done about a topic you’re passionate about, you’ll find it fun and you’ll even go extra length making your site look good and getting the world to know about your blogs presence.

PPC Traffic method

Here you make use of the pay per click service like yahoo search marketing, Miva, MSN Ad center. Register and sign up for a campaign and advertisement that allows you to promote your product for free. You can also create a tool for your presentation as well as enlarge your keyword list so that you can take maximum benefit of them.

Banner Advertising method

You can display both text and picture banners to attract visitors to your website or landing pages. In this case, you have to make the banner more graphically interesting so as to attract online customers to your offers. You can use words like “click here”, “join now” to make people to have better access to whatever you have to provide and direct them to your CPA offer as well. 

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Email Marketing Method

This is another method of promoting CPA offers that works like magic. It involves using all potential users ID and sending them mail about your CPA offers. You can make a pop-up window to appear in your website whenever a visitor comes to your site. The pop-up will instruct them to enter email ids. This email you will have them stored in your list and use them to send any information about your CPA offers. Make sure that you send varied information on your CPA offers; you can send these emails to all those email address that had been given by your online visitors and always be creative to come with new attractive ideas that will have them asking for more. Sometimes, offering a free bonus for signing up will help to improve your response rate.

Content locking method

In this method you can download a TV series like animal series or even a movie series. Upload the series to your money site and put up a code breaker script or anyway you want to lock the content. The idea here is simple, people that will want to watch the series will have to fill out a CPA offer each time they want to view the next episode. This method works pretty cool especially with movies that aren’t out on DVD yet. You can also market this by putting it on YouTube and link it to your site where they can watch the entire movie for free.

Social Media Traffic

With thousands upon thousands of account made daily, you can generate a huge lot of traffic through the social media. Contribute to post, start conversion and give followers links you think they’ll like. The best method I’ve found is to offer your followers something to download for free, but they can’t download it until they complete a CPA offer. You can also write up an E-book and offer them to download, make it look awesome and why the need it. You make it sound as if they would have to normally pay for the E-book, but that they can get it free by completing the quick little survey. This will give them more reason as to why the need to download the e-book.

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Yahoo Answers

 You can provide answer to a question and put your link where more information can be found. Or you can even ask a question, and then answer it yourself in 2-3 days later. Always find what you think is the best answer to a question, then write an E-book  making people to take your CPA survey before they can get access to your E-book. Yahoo answers rock because they get tons of traffic daily. They also rank awesome in Google for a keyword. So, you can use yahoo answers to get more exposure from the search engine for a quite amount of time.

These “10 free traffic sources” will give you targeted leads plus good conversion to your CPA offers if you make use of them properly. 

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