Monday, 22 February 2016


I’m sure you would like to know some best paid traffic source that is suitable for CPA promotion. This traffic source have made so many affiliate marketers become rich without having to spend unlimited time working online.
Advertising on this platform may cost you as anything depending on the number of days or months you intend to run your ads. This traffic may not be absolutely free as you may need as low as $25USD to begin. Let begin with this traffic source that have yield more result for affiliate marketers. You can click on any of this links to sign up.
1. MGID 
MGID is a premium advertising network that depends on quality traffic from premium publisher websites. They display ads on website that get thousands to millions of visitors daily and monthly thus allowing you to get unlimited traffic to your CPA offer. Minimum deposit on MGID is $500. Maxbounty affiliates enjoy a special bonus of 20% on their initial deposit.

2. 7search
7search is one PPC (pay per click) search engine used by most affiliate marketers to promote CPA offer. It provides high quality converting traffic from 3.5 billion search engine queries. 7serach has yielded much result to online advertising program with little effort by it users. Minimum deposit on 7search is $50. Maxbounty affiliates often a special bonus of 50% matched on their initial deposit.

3. 50onRed
 50onred is yet another advertising platform where you can place your ads and get quality clicks to your offer. They display ads on some of the web’s most verified sites. You can create and lunch ad campaign that fits your budget in 50onRed traffic platform. Minimum deposit on 50onRed is $500. You can sign up by clicking here.
 Trafficjuncky is an ad network that manages advertising on highly trafficked sites. If you are not familiar with trafficjuncky, they are basically a self-serve market place to buy ads on some of the most popular adult web and mobile web properties in the world. Trafficjuncky has a large network of sites with various spots and sites to suit your advertisement needs. They also have the mobile network that target millions of mobile users with various spots and sizes to suit your advertisement needs.

5. Pof
 Plenty of fish (pof) is a great traffic source for promoting dating offer. If it is used properly, it can be very profitable. They have a ton of traffic though bidding allow you to get high click through rate (CTR). One great feature about pof is their targeting option which allows you to select the location you wish to target. Minimum deposit on pof is $1000.

6. Trafficvance
 Trafficvance offer high quality converting traffic by sharing ads to customers who downloaded their gaming software. Over 2,000 daily advertisers get high quality traffic and great conversion rate from this site. Trafficvance have the best customer service and user friendly interface than any other ppc network. Minimum deposit on trafficvance is $200. This is what you need to scale through the advertisement. You are also required to be referred by someone in the network who is spending at least $50/day on trafficvance.
 leadImpact require a minimum of $200 deposit to join the network as an advertiser. They deliver good quality traffic volume and conversion. They also provide the advertiser with the option of targeting a particular region, country or language. Leadimpact is reliable when it comes to PPV advertising.
 Sitescout is an easy-to-use advertising platform that allows you to create and manage banner ad campaign. The advertiser dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. Sitescout have been used by thousands of advertiser to buy billions of ad impression across and on mobile device. Minimum deposit on sitescout is $500.

9. Bonadza
 Bonadza is a similar advertising platform to sitescout. They provide self-serve advertising that make it simple, enjoyable, and effective to use. Bonadza is the simplest way to run a successful display campaign. The platform gives you the power to reach and control a massive audience over a precise targeting attributes on impression by impression basis making it easily to increase your return on investment and reach your advertising goal in a cost effective way. Minimum deposit is $300

10. Exoclick
Exoclick has grown to be one the largest advertising network in the world serving more than 125 billion geo-targeted ad views a month. Exoclick provide online advertising services for both web and mobile channels. Minimum deposit on Exoclick is $200.

Meanwhile, here is  a comprehensive list of Ad Network and traffic sources to promote CPA offers