Monday, 22 February 2016


I’m sure you would like to know some best paid traffic source that is suitable for CPA promotion. This traffic source have made so many affiliate marketers become rich without having to spend unlimited time working online.
Advertising on this platform may cost you as anything depending on the number of days or months you intend to run your ads. This traffic may not be absolutely free as you may need as low as $25USD to begin. Let begin with this traffic source that have yield more result for affiliate marketers. You can click on any of this links to sign up.
1. MGID 
MGID is a premium advertising network that depends on quality traffic from premium publisher websites. They display ads on website that get thousands to millions of visitors daily and monthly thus allowing you to get unlimited traffic to your CPA offer. Minimum deposit on MGID is $500. Maxbounty affiliates enjoy a special bonus of 20% on their initial deposit.

2. 7search
7search is one PPC (pay per click) search engine used by most affiliate marketers to promote CPA offer. It provides high quality converting traffic from 3.5 billion search engine queries. 7serach has yielded much result to online advertising program with little effort by it users. Minimum deposit on 7search is $50. Maxbounty affiliates often a special bonus of 50% matched on their initial deposit.

3. 50onRed
 50onred is yet another advertising platform where you can place your ads and get quality clicks to your offer. They display ads on some of the web’s most verified sites. You can create and lunch ad campaign that fits your budget in 50onRed traffic platform. Minimum deposit on 50onRed is $500. You can sign up by clicking here.
 Trafficjuncky is an ad network that manages advertising on highly trafficked sites. If you are not familiar with trafficjuncky, they are basically a self-serve market place to buy ads on some of the most popular adult web and mobile web properties in the world. Trafficjuncky has a large network of sites with various spots and sites to suit your advertisement needs. They also have the mobile network that target millions of mobile users with various spots and sizes to suit your advertisement needs.


It is necessary to set up tracking for any online affiliate campaign one may intend to promote online. Tracking enable you to determine which of your offers are converting and which ones are wasting you money. It is commonly said that conversion tracking is the heart of performance marketing and the eye of CPA marketing. With the aid of online tracking service company, affiliate marketers are able to track and manage their campaign and make huge profit in return. Here is a review of best and popular tracking platform to set up tracking for affiliate campaign.

Trackingdesk is integrated with dozens of affiliate programs to enable affiliates to track and manage ad campaigns. The site is loaded with lot of features to enable users manage and optimize performance. Like when you need to add a new traffic source, advertiser or creative to your ad campaigns. Trackingdesk also partner with affiliate networks and other third party application to allow it user have access to all the tools necessary to gather the proper campaign insight and drive more revenue to their clients. Click here to see how to setup campaign in trackingdesk.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Have you tried CPA-marketing and you’re confused, unsure of what to do and just a little frustrated with your lack of results, here is the solution to start getting big result from promoting CPA offer

As a newbie, the first thing you need to understand is what CPA marketing is. What are the methods involved in CPA marketing? And what does it takes to go into CPA marketing?
If you’re still finding it difficult to get into any CPA network, click here to see how to apply and get accepted by any CPA network.

You don’t have to take a special training to be successful in CPA marketing. The few tips I’m about to share with you would have already made you become an expert in CPA marketing.

1.     Always get traffic from best sources, free or paid. Click here to see 10 suitable paid traffic sources for CPA offers. Your traffic is your reputation in any CPA network. Most CPA network will cancel your affiliate promotion and abscond your pay check with reason that your traffic is not real. Always double check your traffic strategy before implementing it on
real offers.
2.     Always read offers guideline carefully. Sometimes, there are numbers of restrictions on offers. Once you cannot promote an offer with social media or email, such detail need to be taken care of while selecting offers.
3.     Have a clean page and write irresistible headlines. This will lure users to enter details without much stress.
4.     You need to keep yourself updated on strategies your competitors’ marketers are using to convert well. It gives you an unfair advantage to do better.


What I’m about to share with you are five tips and tricks for successful blogging. You need these  five virtues to be able to relate with your visitors as well as any internet business successfully. The reasons why most bloggers, internet marketers easily fall out of business is because of these five virtues are lacking. You may have seen or known a website five years ago, but along the line such site is no longer available or the person quits blogging. It is not because the domain name expired; it is because business is no longer moving as was supposed to be. It is because the site/person has suddenly lost it online presence which actually means that such site is no longer profiting from the business.
Let’s talk these five virtues every online business must incorporate in order to be successful and stay in business.


The first question to ask yourself when creating a website is, why this website? What do you want this website to do? Asking all this questions about why you want to build a website helps you understand your brand and your company. This is what differentiates your website from others. Successful companies define the core elements of their brand, and convey those elements at every opportunity. From the time of their facebook post, to the way the interact with their customers

Your brand should carry through to every single reader, touch point, giving them the same experience every time. From the moment a reader hits your website homepage to the call center or at every scroll and click, you should determine what the visitor sees.

Trust/Build Trust

To be successful in your blogging career, it's most advisable to build a lasting trust with your readers, users, or customers you are sharing information with.
Lack of trust for your product or any information you may be sharing could sooner or later throw you out of business.

Saturday, 6 February 2016


You can transcribe audio and video files into perfect quality text messages and get paid for it. Thousands of transcribers joined transcribeme and they started earning money by transcribing audio and video files. This is not determined by the geographical location one find hiself, all you need is a computer, a reliable internet connection, and the ability to transcribe audio and video in any of the language they support. I recently joined this platform and I’m already earning money from it every hour on the job.

Who can apply?

Transcription services on transcribeMe are only applicable to persons of 18 years or above. Persons below the age of 18 must be able to provide evidence of approval from guidance before they will be accepted to work with transcribeMe. You must create an account in order to gain access to the service and functionality. This is not determined by the geographical location; you can sign up from any part of the country and get approved when you meet the requirements. Working with Transcribeme is a very simple task to accomplish and you could earn about $20-$30 USD per hour and about $2,000 USD monthly. Click here to sign up.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Payoneer is an international base US account that allows one to receive and withdraw funds from any part of the country using the payoneer master card. With the payoneer MasterCard, you can receive and withdraw fund from anywhere quickly, at low cost, in your own currency and using the method that best suits your need.

Are you an online Affiliate, internet marketer, freelancer, web developer, web designer, or seller? You can join millions of small and medium businesses that use payoneer to receive international payments when you sign up here. It is a sure way to receive global payments and start saving money.

How does it work?