Thursday, 28 January 2016


Submitting a good press release for your blog post articles allows you to gain online visibility, makes it easy for  search engine to easily see your post and also increase the amount of traffic that comes to you site daily. Press release is a short and informative story that tells people about an event, a new product, or what is about to take place.

Over the years, Journalist and publishers use press release to announce news worthy event to tell people about a new product in the market, solution to a problem or even publish job post vacancies. This allows people to quickly respond by subscribing to any of the news that suits them; they quickly take action by visiting the address, website, or place to get more information about the offer.

How to use press release to drive traffic to your blog
Write a press release for your blog post: Endeavor to write a good and short story about your blog post and submit it on press release site. Click Here to see "Best 20+ press release site to submit your blog post".

How should your press release look like?

Choose a short but captivating headline for your blog post. The headline must be able to attract viewers to read the story in your release or opt in to get more information about what they are seeing on the headline. Do not make your headline a long one and boring to even read what is on your release. Endeavor to make it short, informative, captivating, eye-catching and what you are thinking it should look like.


Getting accepted into CPA Network is what every internet marketer desire in order to make it big in the internet business. Easy way to get accepted into CPA Network is what I am about to share with you. This is coming from the experience I just encountered before I was approved by one of the most popular CPA Network. Before I was approved by this CPA Network, I have already applied to other few CPA Network who choose to turn down my application on two or three attempt I made. No reasonable reason was why I was not accepted by the network. I have a registered domain name website, I know how to drive blog traffic very well, and I even have good number of visitors who opt in to my site on a daily basis. So why wasn’t I accepted. This question keeps boggling my mind until I came across something like this. That was when I got my first breakthrough in getting accepted into CPA Network.

Before then, I didn’t have a professional or business email which uses my custom domain name like akanimo@myblogname.com, though my website was a niche content website. I wasn’t looking professional and ready for business which was what this CPA network thought I should be. And so many other issues I couldn’t spot out in time to get me fast approval. Let’s go back to what I was about to share with you.Easy ways to get accepted into CPA Network

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Making money online seems to be the goal of every blogger. If you already own a blog or you intend to create one for yourself, you should also be thinking of how to drive traffic to your blog and make good money from it. Here are a few good ways to make money online from your blog.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense still remain one of the easiest way to make money on internet. Google AdSense is there to make you rich to pay you for the number of clicks and impression you incur from your blog daily. But Google recently introduced too many guidelines to get approval for Google Adsense account. Like- your website must be atleast 6 month old if you want to get approval for AdSense. Nowadays, over 95% of big websites are using Google Adsense to monetize. They are placing ads on their website to get more clicks and ultimately making huge money. Google AdSense is just an advertising program which works on PPC (pay per click). You make money when a visitor clicks on the ads which will be display on your website. To apply for Google AdSense, simply follow the link here and click to monitize your blog.

Banner Advertisement

This is where people pay you to place their banner on your website. This people pay you because you own a website which is getting targeted traffic and people are interested to know much about your product. So if you own a niche website that is, if your website is targeting a particular product, then you can place banner related to your content and get paid for the advertisement. 
You could earn between $20 to $50 in a month or weekly for each banner placed on your site. The people that owns the banner wants to target particular visitors to bring customer to their website. That is why they may choose your blog to place the ads banner. Each time a visitor on your blog clicks on this banner, the visitor is automatically redirected to the company’s website. Typical example is the banner in this site.


I’m sure you’d love to learn a few good ways to drive traffic to your website and make huge amount of money from it. Survival on the internet is the game of traffic. This is where you can make huge amount of money from your website(s). No matter how good is your product or how good your programming skills are if your traffic doesn’t turn up in thousands, you are not going to make it a big money. The problem most bloggers face is relying in one traffic source. You don’t have to rely on one traffic source to get traffic to your blog. Making a blog is easy, making a product is also easy but getting traffic is a game of competition. Below are 10 Good ways to increase website traffic-Adsense safe.

1. Blog Commenting

This is the easiest method especially for the newbie who are looking forward to get traffic to their blog. Always try to leave a comment at the end of every post you read on the net. Commenting on blog would get you noticed in your niche to interact with awesome bloggers. Also do not forget to leave your blog URL at the end of commenting for others to have a view of your blog too. How to comment on blog? Scroll down to the end of the post to see a comment box which will allow you to leave your comment.

2. Forum Discussion

A forum is a place where people interact and ask questions. Discussion forum is a great way to get traffic to your blog and get more exposure. Typical example is the warriorforum
This is where you can ask any mind boggling question, promote your article link as a way to make people visit your blog and make good friends who are going to help you learn things quickly. Also contribute to forum by finding question related to your niche and post them as solutions. This will get you noticed and also help you drive traffic to your blog.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is very effective at driving traffic to your blog. You can upload images related to your niche and write a brief description. People would have to visit your blog to find out more about what you are offering. Note that, you can only edit images “pin” that you have uploaded to pinterest to enter your blog URL.
Also see “Simple steps to Promote CPA offers via Pinterest

Monday, 25 January 2016


Trackingdesk is traffic as well as tracking management platform that enable you to manage, analyze and optimize CPV and PPC campaign. The platform is loaded with great features that allow it user to be able to add new campaign without having to worry about tracking parameter and custom variables.

Recently, trackingdesk announced that it added new traffic source to it platform. This include “site scout”, “Ad supply” and “Exoclick” all for those looking for massive traffic, this allows you to start with a low budget and multiple ad formats.
This article addresses the manual setup of Maxbounty affiliate campaign on trackingdesk. 


I recently use Adsbridge to setup tracking for my affiliate campaign in maxbounty without paying a dime. Adsbridge allows you to track, compare and optimize all your marketing links all in one place. They have free landing page template which allow you to create as many sub domains for your tracking all for free. Other Add-on services you will find in Adsbridge include the multi-user access and roles, full access to high converting template, dedicated affiliate consultant, automatic campaign optimization, creating unique landing page upon your request and mobile application.

An important but outstanding feature of Adsbridge is the security measures put in place. By hosting the data on the tracker side, you’re protected with their state of the art encryption and remove the risk and expense of server hacks.


Adding an SEO-friendly blog archive to your blog prevents your post from getting lost and connects your reader to your recent post as well as your previous articles. Blog archive makes your blog accessible to your readers and allows new subscribers to get access to your previously post which can be accessed by navigating through the week, month or year you published your post.

The history of blog archive dates back to when blog evolved. Then it was difficult for readers to find the desired information. This was most times achieved by scrolling and keeping on scrolling before they could arrive at their desired post. However, Adding an SEO-friendly blog archive to your blog makes your post accessible, give your blog plausibility and makes your readers stick to your blog to read other post. This is because the archive will always pop up related articles to the desired post which your visitor may be searching for.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Press release is one proven way that you can promote and market your blog post. Creating a press release will display and offer your newest articles to publishing news sources such as forbesHuffington, etc. Press release conveys information that you or your company wants to share to the public through the media. It is submitted for the purpose of announcing a newsworthy event or meant to create awareness to the public
Online Press Medias offer affordable multi-media press release that achieve high search engine visibility-putting your message in front of the right people at exactly the right time. They help thousands of large, medium and small companies gain recognition and grow through powerful media exposure, interactive campaigns as well as dynamic marketing and SEO marketing.


Free press release distributions websites have made it easy to get your post online and get the most publicity possible for your website. Press release distribution helps you create buzz, increase online visibility, and drive traffic to your website. As a way of improving your SEO, press release can be used to build links and to publish or broadcast through multiple outlets to other sites to improve visibility in search engine listing, so you can get the most publicity possible. Below is a review of 20 Best press release sites to submit your blog post and inturn increase traffic.

Onlineprnews is a press release site based with extensive knowledge of both traditional press release and search engine marketing with over 15 year launching press campaigns for clients. Online press release media offers affordable multimedia press release that achieve high search engine visibility-putting your message in front of the right people at exactly the right time. The site has helped hundreds of client secure national, trade and local coverage for their news announcement.

This is another interesting platform to make your press release. Openpr was launched in April 2004 and re-launched in July 5005. They educate and empower people so that they can effectively manage their own online publicity campaigns.